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New personal blogs from Alex and Mike Nowicki – Mabbo Photography coming soon!

Not only do we share a passion for filmmaking, we each have our own personal pursuits as well. Because Alex is an architect by trade, he has been in the architecture/design/CG industry for years and continues to grow his personal business through his landing page which also serves as a blog for his architectural/CG/rending/design pursuits.

Check him out at

Mike Nowicki is now using CINEpiphany as his personal blog for all things film related. Not only will you be able to find Cinaesthetic work on his site, but you will also find articles on other short films that inspire him, gear reviews, links to great how-to tutorials an more.

Check it out at:

Lastly, because it is a work-in-progress, Michael Mabborang’s photography landing page needs to be mentioned. We can’t give a link right now, but we hope to post the links up soon! Until then, happy surfing!

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