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Lyle’s Law (48Hour Film Festival 2011)

short films Aug. 2011

Genre: Mockumentary
Character: Lyle or Lora Engdahl
Line of Dialogue: “I better not see this on Facebook.”
Prop: Balloon


Starring Oscar Aldaves, Allison Williams, Percy Grandberry, and Amanda Holland “Lyle’s Law” is our Award-Winning short film made for the 48 Hour Film Project, a filmmaking competition which challenges filmmakers to write, produce, and deliver a short 7 minute movie in just 48 hours. We were assigned our team’s genre, Mockumentary, on Friday along with 3 story line elements which were the same for all the the teams. After a sleepless night and an all-nighter, we just barely made the deadline, but managed to win the Audience Award for Screening Group B.

Since we were so short on time, we didn’t get a chance to fully include everyone in the credits. Here is a list of our extras.

Phone Theft Victims: Olivia Yang, Trina Maeby Mabborang, Julian Shin, Edith, and a few more…

Latin Rhythms “Phone Zombies”: Karen Edelblum, Merrick Merritt, Ryan Carpenter, Horacio Zavala, Carlos Jaimes, Claire Want, Bruce Moreno, Sasha Kaporovskaya, Victor Monroy, Edward Martinez.

48 Hour Filmmaker: Chicago 2011

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